Cheers to Women Everywhere

Cheers to Women Everywhere

Today I am going to take a few minutes of my time for all the lovely ladies out there, some of whom I might know.

Cheers to you for keeping your head high in the face of a violent storm.

Cheers to you for being a wonderful sister, friend, co-worker, wife, a mother or whatever role it is that you are playing today.

Cheers to you for always trying to help others even when you are in a crisis.

Cheers to all those who are fighting their own battles and yet are a knight in shining armor for others.

Finally, cheers to all the hardworking women out there, who are doing the best they can to run the family, who are working from home, for home or any other kind, because they deserve the praise, the applause, the recognition that they need.

You are trying your best, even though some days your best might not be what you have expected.

There is no job a woman can’t handle and raising a family is a job. You are the unpaid manager or the kingmaker, who deserves more than just a Women’s day.  

To all those who gave up their career to raise their children, you have taken a brave and bold step. You are doing wonderfully, don’t let people tell you otherwise

To all those who are trying to juggle their career, you are doing the best that you can and don’t feel guilty for it.

To all those who choose not to have children, it is your choice, don’t explain it to people.

To all those who are single, you are your own person. You are independent, confident and rest assured, you can take over the world.

To all those who are committed, you are the other half of your companion, so take pride in yourself and take care of yourself too.

To all the mothers out there, you are the guiding light to your children, be you and don’t change.

To all the friends out there, you are like the ray of hope when everything else is down.

To all the sisters out there, you are the dependable one when everybody else gives up.

To all the little girls out there, you will be fine, so don’t keep any shreds of self-doubt in yourself.

To all the women out there, you are born to run the world.

Cheers to everyone.

Cheers to self.


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