Our Bucket List

Our Bucket List

So both of us (Pooh and Po) will be turning 30 this year. Wow!!! It feels like yesterday that we were celebrating Pooh’s 21st at our friend’s house. It feels like yesterday that Pooh and I were sitting on my bed in my hostel room discussing our future. If I had known that it was the last time we would be meeting, I would have done something dramatic. Pooh has been so caught up with life right now that she doesn’t even have time to think about herself for one second. She worries about everyone but not once about herself. She worries about her sister, her parents, her son, her hubby (let’s call him A) and me too. I barely have time to worry about Arlo, and she’s sitting there in her free time encouraging me to feel better about myself. I wish I could be more like her. Pooh is my best friend that has stuck through everything from such far away. My other friend Master Tigress has been beside me helping me with food and making me understand that men are men. She was the one who had hope for me when I had none and still has lots of wishes and hopes for me.

So while I was showering today (which is usually when I have a brilliant idea), I thought I should make Pooh sit down and list down what she wants to do before she turns 60, sort of a bucket list. I was thinking about how I have diabetes and how I might not be alive for the day I turn 60. I mean anything could happen, heart failure or liver failure or kidney failure or maybe a cure for Type II Diabetes, so I thought I should do it too. I want to do all of these before I turn 60. I know I still have 30 more years to go, but some of these are not easy to do like, running a 10k. Let’s get serious, I cannot even run a 1k, so a 10k is out of question, but I want to do it. Maybe I’ll find the motivation when I hit 40. Maybe I’ll add some more as the years go by. But for my 30th birthday, I have 30 things on my bucket list to do in 30 years

My (Po’s) Bucket List

  1. Go to Harry Potter World (Both in Orlando and California). Stay in the resort and spend a lot on Butterbeer.
  2. Go to Disney World (both) and take a picture with Mickey.
  3. Visit the Grand Canyon and get philosophical.
  4. Meet JK Rowling.
  5. Meet the Avengers (RDJ, Chris Evans, Chirs Hemsworth, Scarlett Johanssen and MARK RUFFALO).
  6. Take Arlo to The Wizarding World when he turns 11 and get him sorted into a house.
  7. Have a vacation with Pooh.
  8. Go to Mansarovar.
  9. Try to participate in a 10k.
  10. Finish writing my book.
  11. Drive a Tesla.
  12. Travel First Class on an international trip.
  13. Keep my home clean for more than a week.
  14. Have a Harry Potter themed party.
  15. Stop eating anything with sugar (added sugar) for a week (LOL, a week!!! let’s make that a day).
  16. Meet Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. Take a funny picture with Tom Hanks and not post it anywhere.
  17. Meet Ellen and Oprah and ask them for a peck on the cheek.
  18. Dance with Michelle Obama for 5 minutes. (LOL, 1 minute would make me wanna die).
  19. Visit all 50 states.
  20. See Taj Mahal.
  21. See the Northern Lights.
  22. Win something in a casino (or something in this life).
  23. Change at least one person’s life.
  24. Go River Rafting, Deep Sea Diving (or Snorkelling) and on a yacht.
  25. Meet Neil Degrasse Tyson and ask him for an autograph and a joke.
  26. Sleep under the stars.
  27. Watch the launch of a rocket or spaceship.
  28. Inspire at least one person.
  29. Take in-laws and parents to Niagara, Disney and Universal Studios.
  30. Watch the sun rise and set at the bluest of the blue beach.

Pooh’s Bucket List

  1. Have a sip of exotic coffee from all around the world.
  2. Go to Paris.
  3. Be awake for 24 hours. 
  4. Go to a music festival outside of my country.
  5. Run in a marathon.
  6. Meet Leonardo DiCaprio in person.
  7. Go to the lowest trench on Earth.
  8. Camp outside.
  9. Make a music video.
  10. Buy someone gift without telling who I am.
  11. Cook something without using the gas stove with my eyes shut.
  12. Eat it. 
  13. Cook for a set of poor people and feed them.
  14. Provide shelter to stray dogs and cats.
  15. Get a pet koala.
  16. Make some furniture.
  17. Sell something.
  18. Buy some of the famous paintings.
  19. Get on top of Ferris wheel and scream my name in the Walter White fashion.
  20. Get a cool haircut.
  21. Color my hair in rainbow colors.
  22. Meet friends outside the “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” cafe.
  23. Blindfold Po and take her to somewhere surprising.
  24. Grow weird plants.
  25. Try out various DIY stuff.
  26. Sleep outside, below the stars.
  27. Try Bungee jumping.
  28. Give a speech at a very important organization.
  29. Learn new language.
  30. Create a place for kids where they can play for a whole day without getting hurt.

Do not forget to share yours too. Some of these are achievable and some aren’t. But we like to think of it as achievable. Out physical bodies are going to give out, but not our mind. Let’s keep our mind sane by doing some of our dreams. Live life, your style.

Pooh & Po


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