Top 5 Things to Know As You Get Older

Top 5 Things to Know As You Get Older

Learning is a continuous process. There are many things which one learns as they age. Here are my top five choices that I have learned and I continue to learn. 

  1. Learn to buy and maintain clothes

    You should learn how to carry yourself and look like a million bucks, even on the days that you feel like bull crap. For that, you need a dress for every occasion – one for a party with your girlfriends, one for a date night, one for family gatherings, one for when you are feeling low, and at least one black dress. Make sure you maintain them too. If the tag says dry-clean only, do not wash it in the washer with the other ones or put in the whites with the darks.
  2. You should learn how to manage money

    Paying bills, doing taxes, investing in a business or having a savings account is not an easy thing to do. Once you start doing all of these, you will realize how hard it is to actually save while doing all the above. But, it will teach you the value of money as well as the responsibility that comes with being an adult. Whether you are working or doing business or self-made, you should know the basics to manage money.
  3. Learn how to say no to people

    This is definitely the hardest one. But, you cannot say yes to everyone. If you say yes to everything, you are not going to be happy and sometimes you might have to end up doing something that’s against your moral code. The goal is not to keep everyone happy, but to find happiness for yourself. So, learn how to say ‘No’. It will keep matters simple and teach you to have boundaries with others.
  4. Learn how to do makeup

    This is one of my personal favorites. I am the kind of girl who runs away from makeup. Even now I want to look natural, but I am learning to wear some makeup that blends with my natural looks and my persona. If you look good, you will feel good. Putting on makeup is not anti-feminist, it is for us to pamper ourselves a little. It may not mean much to some, but it is a big step for me.
  5. Learn to be okay with who you are and believe in yourself

    Not all of us possess the wisdom that comes with age. It is okay to make mistakes, it is okay to stumble and fall. Life is not about making mistakes, it is about how you get up after you fall. I am still learning this step. Even though it is hard, I still want to continue learning. Life is not about being a perfectionist or having it all. It is about accepting ourselves for what we are and learning to embrace the challenges and joys that come with being who we are.


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