To the REBEL in You

To the REBEL in You

Today, while I was driving on the way to my workplace, I noticed a teenage girl and her mother fighting. I wondered why they were fighting on the road. Even though we were stuck in traffic, I could still hear their arguments quite clearly. She was grounded for rebelling against her parents. The two of them were having a discussion on that.

I was thinking of my own teenage years (God, how the time flies). I was not much of a rebel. In my attempts to be the good daughter, I never rebelled. Not once.  

Back then I didn’t know rebelling was a little healthy.  Everyone has the right to voice their opinion and show their discontent if they don’t like something, albeit in a peaceful way.

As I grew into adulthood, I wish I could have rebelled back then. Sometimes, if you don’t like certain ideas and beliefs then you have every right to question them.

So why not question the beliefs?

I am not sure how many will agree, but I feel that one needs to rebel at least once in their life. Question what needs to be questioned and if you are not satisfied with certain beliefs then challenge them too.

When you are a teenager, rebelling against something can be met with any one of the below reactions:-

  1. Anger or disgust
  2. An attempt to understand why your son/daughter is rebelling in the first place
  3. When feasible, an attempt will be made to make the teenager understand the meaning and reason for the faiths and beliefs.

But as an adult, if you rebel, you have to backup your claim and have strong reason to challenge the system. I am not trying to scare people, but the truth is, if you are a teenager who is rebelling, it is taken as part of the development process of a human. But as an adult, you are on your own and your parents won’t be there to help you out. As you become independent, you rely less on other people. Though this is a plus, it also results in trying to get out of a situation all by yourself.

Also, if an adult rebels, they are not rebelling against parental authority or something like that. They are rebelling against something which they have very little influence over, as they are rebelling only themselves.

If you want to rebel, better start young . In the end, we all want to be is heard.


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