How To Change Your Life

How To Change Your Life

So for the past few days, I have been trying to be a better and an all rounded person. And in my quest for this “betterness”, I have done a lot of Googling, that involved a lot of sleepless nights and migraine mornings. I have come across the following points which are the common across many websites and magazines.

Again, I am no expert, but here are a few some random things that I have come across that I was sure could be added to my ‘list‘.

The “Whip”
You cannot be better version of yourself, unless are honest with yourself. You know your strengths and you’ve accepted them, do the same thing with your weaknesses; know your weaknesses and accept them. Once you know your weakness, don’t jump right away in getting rid it or them. Because you can’t just make all the wrong rights, but you can work on one thing at a time. Always highlight your strengths and work on your weaknesses. You can be a “work in progress”, as I like to call, there is nothing wrong in that. Own yourself, be proud and let your goodness shine on.

Info junkie
You must be well informed, at least not in all topics, but in some topics which catch your fancy. It will help you in the long run. If you know what is going on in this world, chances are you can make a small change which will then create a ripple effect and somewhere this will get reflected.

Self Loving
You must learn to take care of yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself, how will you take care of others. It so happens, that we put ourselves as the last item in the list of things to be taken care of. This needs to change.

Self Loving #2
Expanding on the care part, taking care involves taking physical care, mental care and care of your appearance, health, finances etc. So be sure to expand your reach to all the areas of your life and not just one.

The Good Samaritan
Help at least 3 people per day. Make 5 people smile, include yourself in that list. This will help you create a better environment for everyone, including strangers. 

Last but not the least, plant trees, take in stray animals. if you don’t want them to stay, then look for a shelter where you can volunteer. In this age when humanity is lacking everywhere, be an example. You can’t help everyone but help the ones that can’t even talk. The feeling which you get after a stray dog wags its tail, after you have given it food, is enough to make you feel happy.

I guess, people expect epiphanies when they see such articles, but this is just some of the things which we already know. I know I wrote stuff not different from any other websites, but I want to put my share of thoughts, albeit the same as any others. I want this to help you remember the stuff which you might have forgotten in your day.

There are many people out there who are clueless like me, thinking about changing their lives, clueless or just plain unhappy with it. To all of them “cheer up, you already have the answers in your brain”.



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