The Seven Different Archetypes For Every Office

The Seven Different Archetypes For Every Office

Politics – not everyone plays it, but many know about it and some get involved directly or indirectly. So I decided that I’m going to offer readers some stock characters that are found in offices or institutions. Maybe it’s just me, but please do let me know if my take on everyday people is accurate. I’ve worked in three different places and these are the common tropes that I found throughout. Did you see this kind too? Now I might be totally wrong but this is a consolidated view of different types of people that I encounter.

1. The Bossy King
This person is the king who wants to manage everything and everyone, by bossing around. He/she gets angry if things don’t go Their way. He/she will do everything and¬†anything to maintain that hierarchy.


2. The Damsel in ‘Distress’
There is this very special lady who either by hook or crook knows how to employ the weakness of those who come within her vicinity efficiently either by faking or playing with the empathy of others. There will also be moments when flirts are thrown around to get others to do the job for her and sometimes crying foul when her work isn’t appreciated, but she will always need someone to rescue her.

P.S. – Meg initially played a damsel in distress only to have a change in heart


3. The Sidekick
This is the person who will protect ‘The Bossy King’ no matter what, will do all his/her chores without any questions and will keep quiet about any misdoings of the king from the common folk.


4. The Cunning Fox
This person can be anyone. They will do anything to get to the top which is not included to flattery, backstabbing and cheating to achieve something while still smiling. They will do anything to get the ultimate prize.


5. The Moral Uptight
There is this one person who will always have his/her moral compass that’s always pointing North. They are the kind of people who will never break rules no matter how compelling the situation gets or even if the situation demands of it.


6. The Unappreciated Nerd
This person knows most of everything and yet never gets the recognition he/she deserves. They get treated like a doormat. Their ability to be assertive has been broken by the constant nagging of the ‘The Bossy King’ and ‘The Side Kick’ terrorizing him/her.


7. The Kind One
The person who is ready to fix anything, help anyone and do as asked. They are one of the reasons establishments work and they primarily help run the organization.




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