10 Things Someone With No Sense of Organization Will Understand

10 Things Someone With No Sense of Organization Will Understand

Ah, organizing !! Do you go to departmental stores and wonder how they keep so much stuff organized when you can’t even remember where you placed half the stuff or where you put the newly bought boxes. Do you ever feel like your friends are much more competent, when it comes to organizing and that they won’t be able to understand how it feels to be the disorganized one? Well, today I am going to discuss some of the struggles we have as a disorganized person:

1. Appointments
We don’t intentionally be late, rather we get overwhelmed with having so much on our plate that sometimes we forget about the concerned appointment or what time of the day it is.


2. The Closet
The organizational skills with clothes are off the charts. We don’t have a system but find things anyway.


3. The Schedule
There will be a schedule for everything from what food to cook for breakfast to which movie to watch on weekend, to not get overwhelmed.


4. The Packing
Going to trip for the weekend requires putting every visible item into the suitcase and packing.


5. The Desk
Workplace looks like it has been ravaged by dogs.


6. The System
Deep down you know that you have a system mapped out for all your tasks but you just need to find it.


7. The Search History
All your search history will comprise of how to improve your skills, but you never found the “one”.

8. The Daily Learning
You will do anything to improve those skill but will do things anyway.


9. The Pending Work
Anxiety overcomes you if your tasks are pending and seems like the whole world is getting ahead of you.


10. The Guide
Always the need to have someone guide you because you always seem rushed.



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