To my most darling Pooh,

How long have I known you? I’ve lost count after a decade and seriously it’s been good to have someone who can depend on me and someone I can always depend on. I wish the distance between us was shorter so that when I’m depressed you could give me a hug. You were always the rock in our friendship. When people hurt me or were rude to me you were always there helping me cope with my weirdness. You were the smartest among us, never knowing or even acknowledging it. You taught me most of our classes right before I went in to write the exams. I still remember those days, you gave me the encouragement to sit and write stories when I wasn’t sure about myself. You gave me the confidence to keep trusting myself. YOU give me the confidence even now to trust myself. You keep me grounded. You give me the strength to keep fighting and keep moving forward. You are the friend that I don’t need me to tell my worries or my apprehensions about. You just automatically know them and understand them.

I hate people Pooh, I really do and people hate me too. I’m too weird and too eccentric for most people. You should know because you kept and still my eccentricity in check. Though you should agree that both of us are quite weird. You are the one person with whom I never felt weird. Even when I wore creepy shirts and creepy clothes you were always there to tell me I was beautiful and pretty. I think VJ is a tad jealous about our friendship, but he’s glad I have you. He’s glad that I have someone to keep me from getting another panic attack. During my toughest times, you were there to help me manage my tears giving me the imaginary shoulder to cry on. I wish life was easy on us, on both of us. We had our fair share of troubles, though others thought we were being a bit whiny about it. But you understood me didn’t you, you understood that I wasn’t being whiny. I know how hard life has been for you since you were young and I wish it wasn’t.

I always thought that we would live in the same apartment. I was on the first floor and you were in the second, married and our kids would be best friends too. I am so proud of how A is turning out and I’m proud of you as a mom. Can you imagine how easy life would have been if our teenage fantasies came true? I know you and I both dreamt of a life much simpler and much easier than what it is now. But that is life isn’t it?! We both have each other. I wish there was some way for us to hug it out to get rid of our everyday troubles. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t give you any proper gift for your birthday. I wanted to send you flowers, chocolates and so much more, but this hasn’t been possible this year, maybe I can send you next year. Sometimes I wish I can do a lot of things to help you out. But I know for one, you and I will always be together psychically. I hope our friendship will last all the drama that life throws at us. I hope our friendship inspires our kids to have such friends too.



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