No-Bake Eggless Cheesecake

No-Bake Eggless Cheesecake

Arlo turned 9 months! And I made a cheesecake! Well, it tasted like a cheesecake but it didn’t look like one. Most of our friends who visited us and had the cake complimented me on how tasty the cake was. Thank you, Martha Stewart, for the recipe. I didn’t spend much time on this cake like I usually do. Though my presentation sucked, it made up for it in taste. The strawberry sauce that I served it with was also amazingly good. It wasn’t too sweet and had a bit of tanginess to it. I’m so glad everyone enjoyed it. 9 complete months ago, this little guy entered our world and made our entire world a happy place. To my son’s long life and to everyone who encourages me. The best compliment I received today was that my house is like a restaurant because there’s always amazingly tasting food (I think there’s a 90% chance he was joking). So here are the links to the cake and the sauce – none of which are mine.

I recommend using the cake pan for the cheesecake as I didn’t have one and had to get creative, so I used the Pyrex I had. The strawberry sauce is optional but it did make it a little sweeter. I added a bit less sugar to the syrup recipe then recommended and it was still super sweet. You can, of course, add any other sauce or skip it entirely. Since I didn’t use the cake pan my crust was a bit thicker, hence my recommendation to use the pan. Another reason for my crust being thicker is because I was using parchment paper and couldn’t really tell if the crust layer was even. The crust was really uneven. Though no one complained, I was a bit disappointed in myself for not making it right. Since I wanted to make an eggless one and didn’t want to spend much time on it, I chose this option. It’s not really hard to make an egg one, but it has more steps. And most of these ingredients you always have at home. I had most of the ingredients, except the graham crackers, at home. Being it the first time for me to make a cheesecake, it definitely didn’t turn out so bad (taste wise).


Cheesecake without eggs and that requires no baking 

Strawberry Sauce that I topped off the Cheesecake 



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