10 Things you notice when Couples turn into parents for the first time

10 Things you notice when Couples turn into parents for the first time

Pregnancy is fun! It was in no way fun for me at all. I had diabetes and it turned into a nightmare in my final trimester. Maintaining my sugars was pretty damn hard. I still think about those days and I barely ate any food and was hungry hundred percent of the time. My mom still thinks that my son didn’t gain weight and was born underweight because of my dietary restrictions. Some babies just weigh that much because they just are. When I was pregnant a bunch of my other friends were expecting too, and I noticed a trend on their FB pages. This is of course all made up and isn’t true at all.

1. The pregnancy videos shared on social media
What a woman’s body goes through is the first video that I see everywhere, and then I weird pregnancy cravings, how the baby grows in the womb are the videos I have encountered numerous times.

2. The cute baby videos shared on social media
I absolutely love this one. Though one needn’t be pregnant to share baby videos, there is an increase in the amount of postings about cute baby stuff. I was excited to see the videos and try all that stuff on my kid. There’s this one video where the baby’s inside a watermelon and he’s chewing on the little bits.

3. The language change
Oh man! I’m one of those too. My language has become gentler. I didn’t know until I got pregnant that I could use the same sentence and sound like a jerk by changing the words around. My husband believes in ahimsa( non violence), so he never uses cuss words and this wasn’t a change in him at all.

4. The profile picture, cover picture and all pictures change
I’m guilty of this. I couldn’t wait to get my maternity shoot done, but when it was time to get it done, I was tired, hungry and constipated. The day was supposed to be sunny but it rained  sleet that morning. I bought a summer dress for the shoot and it was freezing cold. I didn’t even get great photos (except for maybe 2, which I used), so I was really disappointed.

5. The I-have-no-shame-to-talk-about-poop
I didn’t know I could get this excited when my husband yells, “It’s bright yellow and watery.” Oh yeah! That’s poop. Constipated babies cry a lot, just like colic babies. I’ve never understood why parents need to discuss the color of poop at a party during a meal, but now I do. It doesn’t disgust me or shame me, though my husband and me are still reluctant to eat mango ice cream.

6. The change in smell around the couple
The entire smell of the house changes actually. It has a new baby smell; at least that’s what my husband calls it. It’s the smell of baby powder, poop, baby soap, vomit, baby lotion and sleeplessness. I don’t know about everyone but I love that smell.

7. The YouTube song change
I have heard all my friends tell me that they listen to children songs and rhymes. My son still doesn’t like lullabies or nursery rhymes. He likes me to sing to him while he’s listening to white noise on loud.

8. The coupon postings on social media
I have seen many parents falling scam for coupons for free stuff (me included) and that’s just wrong of these scammers. New parents already have so much to do and so much to spend. Theres the car, seat stroller, crib, mattress for the crib, high chair, rocker, swing, jumper, exersaucer, walker, toys, clothes, formula and the list goes on. It would be so wonderful if Target really did give out $250 just for sharing the link, but the can’t. So scammers please stop.

9. The talking extensively about their baby
I do this subconsciously. I do not even realize that I have been talking about a tiny human that I have know for less than a year continuously for over an hour, and if anyone allowed me I would do it for two more hours. I love talking about my baby, every small detail about him is precious to him and so is for everyone.

10. The late night postings
Some moms are feeding their baby while posting stuff, some mom’s can’t catch the zzz’s at night since they loaded up in the morning when hubby was at home and some mom’s are catching upon Netflix while getting chores done. Been there, done that!

This list is of course totally random and fun. Hey there all Research Associates in Child Development and Management, you deserve a Nobel prize in coming up ways to keep your toddler smart, a Pulitzer for making up the stories, an Oscar for keeping them entertained and a huge trophy for being a parent. Congratulations and All the Best!!!


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