Dear Clueless Betties

Dear Clueless Betties


Which among the following is worst?

  1.     Being Smart but clueless and not streetwise
  2.     Being an idiot and clueless
  3.     Being treated as an idiot and clueless

If you said option 3 then I say nayyyy (imaginary buzzer sound).

For me, it’s option 1. And you ask me why? Well here’s my explanation:

  1. If you are an idiot and a clueless person, the above said question would have never been asked.  
  2. If you are smart and clueless at the same time, then, Welcome to adulthood.

Adulting is a HARD (in my baby voice).Forget about what ever job you do like writing documents or teaching (kids!!!) or coding or testing that pays the bills, even small but relevant tasks like choosing what to wear, what soap to buy for self and baby, what vegetables to eat, feel like humungous (mountainous and gigantic feel too small) tasks.

I am still struggling to choose the hours that I should diet.

And, the list goes on.

There are some wonderful women out there who seem to have figured this out. I am incredibly jealous and want to rant out here about that. And I have so many questions!!!

How do you do it???

Is it the food that you eat?

Is it the wonder woman costume under your regular wear?

Is it the amount of coffee/tea or anything that wakes you up in the morning?

Or are you into some weird ancient alien chanting?

No suggestion is a wrong suggestion. All answers are welcome. Please do provide us with inputs that will not only help me but anyone who needs some advice. Maybe with your help, I can finally figure out the perfect brand to buy for my breakfast cereal or anything as a matter of fact.


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