Vankaya Allam Mirchi Kharam

Vankaya Allam Mirchi Kharam

One of the most famous Andhra recipes that is loved by all is Vankaya Allam Mirchi which is brinjal or eggplant with green chilies and ginger paste. This is an absolute favorite in our house. When I’m at moms in India, mom never fails to make it. Even when my uncles (moms brothers) visit they always ask for this. It is made with thin and long eggplants (Thai version), but I make with whatever kind I get. The recipe is so simple and is made with those you have at home. Eggplant is so versatile and the recipes we can make with it are endless. Most of the time I have eggplant in the fridge, I can make chutney, or dal or even a stir fry. It has become one of my favorite vegetables. And prep work for it doesn’t take too long either. And since it browns fast I chop it right before I cook it. My Mother In Law makes the best Ullikharam that my mom doesn’t, my mom rarely uses onion. Growing up onion was only for special food and our food rarely had onion.

The produce you need is ginger, green chilies and Eggplants. You can also add coconut and coriander leaves. But by using coriander leaves it will become Kothimeera Kharam (Coriander leaves paste). Both are equally good but they taste different. I love anything that has green chili paste or kharam. also green chilies are supposed to be healthier than red chili powder. And with all the viruses running around ginger will be good for the immune system. I don’t like raw ginger and this is the only recipe that I will gobble it up (and allam chutney). Again I have to apologize for the poor quality of pictures. I want everything in one place, and don’t have time to take pictures on my camera which lays forgotten in a corner. But the photos are only for a pictorial. The recipe will stay forever.


Eggplant – 2 long ones or 1/2 pound

Green Chilies – 10 (or less depending on spice level)

Ginger – 5cm piece (a few inches)

Oil – 4 tablespoons

Channa Dal – 3 tablespoons

Urad Dal – 3 tablespoons

Mustard seeds – 1 tablespoon

Asafoetida – 1/4 teaspoon

Cumin Seeds – 1 teaspoon

Curry Leaves – 5

Salt – 1 tablespoon (as needed)

Turmeric – a pinch

How to Make

Step 1: Chop the eggplant and leave them in water until ready to cook.

Step 2: In a pan once hot add oil. Once the oil is hot add channa dal, urad dal. As they start to change color, add mustard seeds and asafoetida. As they start to splutter add cumin seeds.

Step 3: Add the curry leaves and now add the eggplant. Mix it well, immediately add the salt and 1 cup of water. Salt prevents the eggplants from browning.

Step 4: Keep the lid on and keep mixing every few minutes.

Step 5: In a jar add the green chilies and the ginger. Pulse it to make it into a rough paste.

Step 6: Keep stirring the eggplants. Once all the water has evaporated and the eggplants have gone tender, add the turmeric and ginger and green chili paste. Mix it well.

Step 7: Serve over hot rice and ghee.


1. You can add some coconut to the ginger and green chilies.

2. If you add 4-5 bunches of coriander leaves and make it into a paste that’s basically kothimeera kharam.

3. Don’t need to add any more chili powder or masalas. This recipe is simple.

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