Rakesh Galebhe’s Ordinary To Extraordinary

Rakesh Galebhe’s Ordinary To Extraordinary

When I told VJ that I wanted to interview people to show people how inspiring the people we know are. There are heroes everywhere. And I want to bring them to our readers.

Rakesh… Where can I start about him? I met him when we were 18, I think. He was this goofy, funny and smart kid. He was in their own gang, and they weren’t backbenchers or first benchers. They were just sort of hanging around in the middle, listening to class and also having fun. All of them were incredibly smart. They had so much fun, dancing, and singing and some of them were gold medalists. These multi-talented group of kids are scattered across the world, but one has stood out and chose to do something totally different. Who knew the kid who loved Pavan Kalyan and would constantly be crooning the actor’s songs would become an actor?! I didn’t, and apparently, he didn’t too. So here’s the scoop on this actor’s life.

Rakesh Galebhe

Education – Masters in Electrical Engineering.

First Movie – Xchange. Love Logic Less (with Mr. Productions).

Latest Movie – Vasantha Sameeram.

Future Projects – Geethanjali by Sachin Dheeraj, Thikka by Pavan Kumar, Anthology by Mahesh.

What sent you down the acting path? As far as I remember you didn’t have plans to be an actor when you were 19.

Oh trust me, I’m an accidental actor. Back in 2012, Neelima one of my friend called me and asked me if I was interested in doing a short film. I took a step back, laughed my head off. I was scared to take pictures and then she was asking me to act in front of cameras. Ignoring me, Neelima invited me for a quick meet with these amazing gentlemen, Ravi and Satya. While narrating they mentioned the male protagonist which I would be playing is a huge fan of Powerstar Pavan Kalyan. That was when it hit me. I told myself I should try this one. Suddenly after the movie released it was accepted amazingly. I was surprised and blown away by the response. Then the call from Mr. Productions came in. They changed my thought process towards acting. If people recognize me now because of my short films, the primary reason is Mr. Productions.


How hard was it at the beginning?

It was not that hard for me, once Mr. Productions came along with an opportunity. Acting is challenging and it was a completely new thing for me. Subash and Dheeraj both helped me gain some perspective which built my confidence.


What are some of the obstacles that you had to face?

Not many. I wanted to come to the USA to study further and it was my only obstacle, which I guess I overcame.


How supportive was your family?

They are incredibly supportive. In fact, they are usually the ones that follow up on the updates of my future projects.

How did you inspire yourself?

To be frank, I don’t know how to answer this. As I said I’m an accidental actor, it wasn’t my lifelong dream to be an actor. But I’m confident and that is what probably helps me to do better.

What advice would you give to those who are lost?

Who am I to advice someone?! Some days I’m lost myself. No advice. Just live.

Who do you draw your inspiration from?

Pavan Kalyan is my favorite actor. He does give me inspiration, but while acting I try to be myself. I analyze a given scene and try to do what I think should be done. When I was younger and whenever I watched a movie, I would think to myself, ‘Ah, the actor should have done it this way’ or, ‘The actor should have danced this way’. I sometimes put myself in the actor’s shoes as everyone does.  I am using my own imagination as an inspiration for now. Seeing all the appreciation I get and people recognizing me also gives me the motivation to do better.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Do you think this is the place you thought you would be 10 years ago?

Phew! I have no idea! You cannot predict the future. Maybe I’ll be an actor or maybe an IT Architect, who knows! I want to see myself as an actor regardless of the platform. I never thought I would see myself here, ten years ago. Some days I surprise myself. I would definitely like to see myself in new, different and challenging roles, but I don’t know.

How has this affected your personal life?

I do not have vacations in my life. Because I’m acting most of the time. I get up, go to work, cook for myself, clean up, do the laundry, go to the gym and then go for shooting. I’m acting most of the time and there’s no place for anything else right now. I’m single right now. Sure, there is a lot of attention towards me on social media but only when I post a picture. Some days I get a hundred messages from girls, but when I don’t post any pictures there isn’t even one. It’s good to be busy but now I’m in thinking about my vacation.


Do you think you would have been happy if you weren’t an actor?

I guess so because acting was never really my career choice. But some days it does because of all the love people give me.

Thank you, Rakesh, for your time and your patience. We wish you nothing but success. We will always love you and remember as the funky hair kid with the first music phone in the class. We hope that you will become the amazing actor you already are, and one day we see you in a Marvel movie.

All of Rakesh’s movies are here. We will keep editing them as Rakesh makes more and keep his fans updated on his journey.

Wish you all the very best from us at Jabberfoodwocky!

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P.S. – Pic Courtesy Rakesh and his Facebook account.

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