Happy Anniversary My Love (From Po to VJ)

Happy Anniversary My Love (From Po to VJ)

Hey VJ,

So I think the whole world knows about our love story. I remember seeing you for the first time and just melting in my spot. I remember Pooh and my other friend,¬†telling me you totally like me too, but you weren’t as subtle as me. But you know, you took your time to tell me. I still remember the warm February afternoon when you told me how you would like to hold my hand forever. I want to hold your hand forever. I know we have had really bad times. That time you made me move to a whole new continent, remember? But yeah, I’m glad it was you I moved with. And remember that time you didn’t wish me for my birthday? But yeah, I’m glad I have that as a wildcard to win an argument.

I can’t really imagine myself without you. I feel like you are an extension of me. Despite¬†you jumping out of your chores, I still love you more than I loved you yesterday. I really don’t know how I’m capable of it. Of course, I love Arlo more than I love you. He’s the center of gravity in my life. He holds me down when I’m drifting away like you did for ten years now. Though it’s only been five years since our wedding, you’ve always been my anchor since the day I met you. I’m glad I inserted myself into your life. I’m also glad you fell in love with the eccentric me. I’m really happy that I did not have to change even a single thing in me despite how weird I am.

It’s true when I say I love you more than anything in the world (it’s a tie with Harry Potter) until Arlo was born. In the five years I’ve been married to you I’ve learned one thing – that you are completely different from the person I knew before our wedding. I knew you were smart but didn’t know you could be stupid; I knew you were loving but didn’t know you could love beyond its definition; I knew you were caring but didn’t know you could care more than you should; I knew you weren’t ultra-rich, but the richness of your heart makes up for that; I knew you never read Harry Potter, but… yeah, well I cannot forgive you for that. I thought I knew you so well 5 years ago, and I am still amazed to find out new things about you.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t get you a real gift this year. I wanted to give you something that is meaningful and couldn’t find any. I wanted to give you a lot of stuff this year, but I hope this will make you happy. The donation towards the whale will ensure towards their survival. The albino whale that I chose to adopt is among the rarest in the world just like you. I want the whales to live on forever just as my love for you will.

And thank you for choosing me and sticking with me!

Here’s to all those astrologers who said our marriage wouldn’t last 3 months!

Happy Anniversary My Love!!!


For more details on adoption of whales, click here.

For more details on donation towards the preservation of a species, click here.

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