10 Things Every Person Should Know

10 Things Every Person Should Know

There are quite a few skills that every person needs to know. I am not talking about gender-specific skills, I am talking about skills which every person needs to know to survive on a day to day basis. Its okay if you are a beginner at these skills, it would be better if you learn them since these skills will help you in the long run.


1. Cooking skills

Takeouts are fun and so is going out with your friends or family, but it is also important if you can cook for yourself. I am not talking about having cooking skills on par with a restaurant chef or someone of similar caliber. I am talking about learning the basic skills, which can get you through the week without any hassle. Imaging cooking your own meal, instead of relying on someone or paying for it every time and also the amount of money you could save.

2. Sewing skills

You are in rush to go out and sometimes clothes determine that it’s the best time for them to tear or have a split or a button to loosen. In such a case, knowing how to sew can be very handy. It will not take much time unless it’s a very big tear. You can also use sewing to do your own handy work like making kitchen aprons, handkerchieves or oven mittens. You don’t have to be a seamstress, just sew back your dress or pants back to how it was. There are hundreds of videos available on YouTube that will guide you how to do it yourself. 

3. Doing your own laundry

This is a necessary skill and a no-brainer. Instead of giving it to a  dry cleaner or a washer or dhobhi (washerman/washerwoman), you can do your own laundry, it will save you money, it will be completely safe, your clothes are well maintained. You also iron your own clothes with is much easier than it looks. 

4. Driving skills

Driving is essential in this modern world. If you want to go any place without relying on anyone, you can learn how to drive. Even if you are using public transport, it will be helpful if you know how to drive and this will be of help someday.

5. Swimming skills

Swimming is a necessary skill, you will never know when it could come in handy. Also, swimming regularly is a great cardio, which helps to maintain health and an excellent way to keep fit.

6. Managing your finances

It’s important for you to manage your money. You should know where your money is going, know how to save your money and know how you are spending your dough. Money is an important aspect of our lives and we need to have the skill to manage it properly.

7. Cleaning

Again, this is also a no-brainer; some might call it not a necessary addition to this list. But I beg to differ, you should know how to clean properly, use the right kind of tools and solutions to keep use. If you can keep your surroundings clean, there is less risk of you falling sick and prevent the spread of diseases.

8. Communication skills

Talking is an art and so is listening, but these are not skills that cannot be  learnt. This is not about you in becoming proficient diplomats but keeping your communications skills sharp will help you any day.

9. Learning time management

This is a very important skill. No matter how many time management apps are available, it is still important for you to manage your time. It all boils down to how well you can work on tasks and how you prioritize them.

10. Learning to fix the small stuff

I am not saying that you should be as proficient as a mechanic or an engineer but learning to fix things that you use in everyday life saves a ton of money. Changing a tire, changing a fuse or fixing your pressure cooker saves you thousands that you instead spend on a handyman. 

So let me know which skills you found helpful and let me know if anything is to be added.


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