Dealing with the Pandemic

Dealing with the Pandemic

1 Year

365 Days

52 Weeks

8,760 Hours

525,600 Minutes

It has been more than this count since the pandemic started. It has been a curse to a lot of us and a blessing to a few. But there are millions, who are still suffering. When it started last year back in December no one took it seriously. I still think a lot of them do not take it seriously. I have had friends who have been to parties with 30-40 people, friends who went to weddings with more than 200 people, and there was no social distancing. I haven’t lived like a saint. I’m not saying I haven’t gone out, or haven’t met friends. I have! But the pictures I see on the internet is scary.

Last year I posted on Instagram how everyone has been acting crazy treating it like a vacation while thousands were suffering to get basic necessities, and doctors and nurses were working overtime to make sure that people don’t die, and daily wage workers had no way to go back home, and others just trying to survive, I was bullied. The stocking of toilet paper and stocking of milk was ridiculous. Made me wonder what everyone was going to do with 12 gallons of milk that were going to expire in a few days, not even weeks. It seemed like an apocalypse and to a lot of health care workers, it was that and still is. A lot were spat on, a lot still went to restaurants after testing positive risking everyone, and held gatherings for Corona parties. When I posted on IG that this isn’t a vacation, I was told I was overreacting, and a lot of them actually posted how it is a vacation, and people can’t understand.

I have severe anxiety. The pandemic has sure made it worse. I am constantly worried about my parents and in-laws, I’m worried about my friends and their families, and worried about all my relatives back in India. Every morning we wake up and worry about what we have to hear. I have heard, ‘Chill it‘ and not to forget, ‘you are overreacting by a lot’ and also, ‘you are fine, and worry about yourself‘, and then also, ‘you are with your family, enjoy the time, have a fun vacation‘. And I didn’t understand it at all. How could these people not think about their own parents? How could my friends not think about their friends? How could they not see the suffering of millions? How could they just call it, ‘it’s just like the flu‘ when millions died?

Looking at the current situation in India breaks my heart. One of my closest friends was tested positive, and I was so worried, that I couldn’t sleep. I knew they were going to be okay eventually, but the suffering they went through was heartbreaking. I don’t want anyone to suffer. Every day I see the news and the number keeps increasing. I know I don’t live there. But my entire family does. My best friends live there as well, their family lives there, they have kids, they have ailing parents and it’s disheartening to see a lot not care about the current situation. If our moms can stay at home and cook us three or even four meals a day, we can stay indoors to make sure that she can keep doing that for us. Her health is more important than us hanging out with our friends.

Please stay home as much as possible. Wear a mask, maintain social distance, and try not to go out as much as possible. Please try scientists and not silly WhatsApp forwards, or Facebook videos. Try to register yourself for the vaccine. Please be careful. Stay vigilant for your family and loved ones.

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