Baby Sensors

Baby Sensors

If you think this is about a baby product or a sensor that can detect babies nearby, then you are wrong. You can either continue reading it and have fun, or just go drink some wine (you should do that, I’m really not a great writer, but hey I already got your view).

So since I’ve had a kid now, I haven’t peed, pooped, eaten or slept alone in a loooooonnnngggg time. I guess it all comes in a package and I don’t think I would have it any other way either. But it’s been incredibly tough to bath under 3 minutes. I have been training on the weekends to push my bath time to under 2 minutes but I haven’t been successful… YET! Arlo is everything in my life. He’s the beacon of light in my life. I used to think that without VJ my life would have been incomplete but without Arlo my life is meaningless. So the other day, after finally putting Arlo to bed, VJ wanted to cuddle, just hug and sleep. As soon as VJ’s hand wrapped around me, Arlo woke up screaming. So the cuddling never happened and I started to realize how much stuff never gets done. The other day I sprayed the cleaning liquid all over the stove and didn’t realize until next morning that I actually didn’t clean it because Arlo came crawling into the kitchen and I had to divert him. So here’s all the sensors that my baby has:

  • Hey-Let’s-Poop-Mama’s-Eating Sensor
    Arlo poops or pees exactly between my meals. When he was smaller, I understood that because I had to feed him every 2 hours. And we had troubles with latching, so our feeding times were anywhere between 40 minutes to an hour and a half. So I only got an hour or twenty minutes or so of a break before I was at it again. Whenever VJ was at home he was kind enough to change the diaper, but otherwise, I would have a boob hanging out while changing his diaper and simultaneously trying to eat.
  • Hey-Let’s-Start-Screaming-Because-Dad’s-Going-To-Give-Mom-A-Hug Sensor
    I cannot believe how many times this has happened. I remember this scene inĀ How I Met Your Mother, when Marshall and Lily have Marvin and whenever Marshall tries to touch Lily Marvin cries and when Marshall stops the baby stops, and I thought that’s just ridiculous, but how ignorant I was. When I called my gynecologist to ask about a possible period, she asked me to do a pregnancy test. I just kind of laughed for a long time until I realized she was serious and I just said nope, can’t get pregnant by myself… YET. I guess it would have been easy if I had sleep trained my kid, but I haven’t, so I guess this is on me.
  • Hey-Let’s-Have-A-Long-Nap-Before-A-Trip Sensor
    Oh man! This has happened like a hundred times. Arlo is a pretty bad sleeper, he doesn’t sleep much (don’t know how he turned up that way). But on the days we are supposed to go out, he naps the longest. Arlo wakes up by 1 to have his lunch and then that goes on until 2 or even 2.30. The day we are going to the pediatrician and our appointment is at 3, he doesn’t wake up until 2 or 2.30. Or we have to go to a dinner party at 6, and he starts napping at 5 or 5.30. We were in Dallas and had to meet a friend at 3, Arlo fell asleep at 2.30. I can go on and on about such instances, but when mom needs a nap, he’s wide awake and won’t even take a 20-minute nap, which is my next one.
  • Hey-Let’s-Not-Nap-Today-Mom’s-Tired Sensor
    Some days I just want Arlo to take a nap so that I can have my breakfast (brunch) all by myself without him pulling my plate down or demanding for my attention. But those are the days when he won’t even nap for 30 minutes. I put him down to sleep, make his food, put him down to sleep again, make mine, put him down to sleep again and try to eat mine, but this time he’s up for good. I’m glad I get those 30 minutes, or I won’t be able to make his food. Also the days I’m incredibly tired and decide to take a nap with him, that’s the day he won’t even close his eyes.
  • Hey-Let’s-Slap-Mom-In-The-Face-When-She’s-In-Deep-Sleep Sensor
    Arlo lets me sleep in sometimes. If he sees that I’m in deep sleep, I pull him close to me and he let’s me sleep; for about 10 minutes and then he starts to put his fingers in my nose, mouth, ears and eyes, demanding to play with him. If I wake up, he goes to VJ and repeats it until his dad is up. I just want to sleep in for a day and that’s the day when I get whacked on my face and lose my sleep. I also forgot to put in the hair pulling which is much much much better than having an alarm. It wakes you up faster than coffee.
  • Hey-Let’s-Trouble-Mom-When-She-Is-Troubled Sensor
    I love it that Arlo is as naughty as he is. I mean sure I have a tough time running around him with me being lazy and all, but I love it that he is this active baby and does everything the cutest possible way. But I have hard days too. The past few weeks have been incredibly tough because we haven’t gotten around to our chores because I have had this bad pain in my back. I felt that as long as the family is fed, it will be okay for a few days. But those are the days Arlo gives me a hard time. He won’t eat any of his meal, he won’t sleep and he won’t stay still.
  • Hey-Let’s-Hug-and-Kiss-Mom-Who’s-Sad Sensor
    There are days when I just want to cry because I am so terrible at being a mom, and then there are days when Arlo sees me sad and just comes over and kisses me (kind of licks my cheek), and it makes me think maybe I’m not so bad after all. He does these sweetest little things when I’m sad. He comes and sits in my lap and plays with me, he rolls over so that he can sleep on my hand (which my hand thinks isn’t sweet at all) and then hugs me. I keep telling myself that he’s too small to know my emotions, but he knows. This is the best sensor that is out there. I just love this one and cannot imagine what I would have done without him.

Despite all this, Arlo is the best thing in our life. When Arlo was a month old I fed him for more than 2 hours straight. I didn’t even realize he was comfort sucking and I just sat there feeding him without having my dinner from 8 to almost 11. I wouldn’t have stopped if it wasn’t for my mom and VJ who just wanted me to have some dinner. And then the blisters from which I bled for days and I cried every time I fed him. Whenever I cried, Arlo would try and suck a bit less which would make me cry even more. Looking back, I cannot believe I endured so much pain for a tiny human. And I would do that all over again for him.

I love you my little Arlo!


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