Thank You Kind Stranger

Thank You Kind Stranger

This is the time of the year when the days become shorter and nights become longer, the time of winter solstice. Longer nights imply more thinking time at night if you are like me.

This is the time of the year when resolutions are in the making. In just a few more weeks, you will look back at the year that has gone by. As you sit near the warm fireplace and sip your Coffee/Tea/Wine/Hot Chocolate, you will wonder how the year passed by, how many resolutions were broken, how many were fulfilled, some of us decide against making resolutions and for some, it will be about making achievable resolutions.

As you check off your list, will you be thinking about the people who made it all happen? Of course, you will. But will you think about the people who were in the background? The people who go unnoticed because they were only there for a fleeting moment.

Throughout our lives, we believe we are conditioned to think that we are on our own. But that’s not true. We might think we are alone and there is no one to help us, but I think there will always be someone out there to help us, most of the time.

Today I want you to thank all the strangers who have helped you. All the people who have helped you unknowingly, be it the lady sitting next to you in the bus, who got you through a scary ride, or be it the guy who gave up his seat so that you can sit, we all get help one way or the other. This is my post to thank them; to all those kind-hearted people out there. Let us practice gratitude today. Let us be thankful for those unknown angels today.

Thank you so much for your timely help, some days your help might have gone unnoticed, but some days it would be the only bright star on a cloudy night. May we help people in the same way and help others move forward, hoping that everybody gets to have a Good Samaritan in their lives, whether they are having an awful day or not.

Help everyone around you, if it is reasonable and within your limits. Because no good deed goes unnoticed and someday, you will get the help at the right time.

You can be the lady who brightens some little one’s day or you can be the guy who gives his seat to someone in need to sit.

Imagine if you can spread the joy and someday some stranger fondly remembers that moment and thinks about you, wouldn’t it be great?

Be good, do good and be sincere. Because Karma is a bitch, you get what you give. Even if you don’t believe in Karma, it still holds good.

So, I end this post with the thought that we should all learn to help people, whether you are helping strangers or your acquaintance, help them with a whole heart.


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