A Letter for Pooh’s Memaw

A Letter for Pooh’s Memaw

Dear Memaw,

You will be missed.

To those who we loved and lost, I know you share my grief. 

Today, have experienced a huge loss. My Grandmother passed away and I don’t know whether to cry my heart out or sob silently. She was a wonderful woman, a celebrated one, and a very bold woman indeed. She raised her kids all by herself after her husband (my grandpa) went to fight in the war. She was the life and soul of our family. Now that she is gone, it is like air being pulled out of a hot air balloon.

She was the loudest of us all, the bravest, the boldest, the sassiest but also the sweetest. Now that she is gone, we have lost a role model, a marvelous mother, and a lovely granny.

She taught me a lot, how to be bold and brave, to be independent and also above all, to know who you are and thoroughly accept yourself for what you are.

You will be missed Memaw.

May you rest in peace. 


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